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The next Level for "Levels Agency"

June 19, 2019

Since their founding in 2013-2014 Levels Agency has truly defined the phrase “it’s Levels”. Year after year the team has taken business and their craft to heights which have been amazing to watch, to say the least. I’ve had the pleasure to build strong relationships with this organization and have watched them climb the ladder, milestone after another. Each time they never fail to blow me away. What sticks out the most, is their pure relationship not just with each other, but with the people they handle business with. Elisha Hill, “CEO” as they call him, states, “that’s what makes us different. We’re solid people. Trust, respect and execution go a long way. When we sit down at the table, you know exactly what you’re getting.” 


The last major concert Levels Agency put on happened in 2016 featuring Gucci Mane, Young Thug, PNB Rock, Hardo and Jimmy Wopo to name a few. If you were at both, well then you witnessed a historic night in Pittsburgh. If you weren’t, well, you need to do your research. These young men are the real deal. Now, if you follow Levels Agency you know that the magnitude of their shows are simply unmatched. I’ve spent years behind the scenes with this group, and I know how much time, consistency and effort goes into every production.


Which led me to my next question?


What inspired the #itsLevelsFest

Why not 2017, or 2018? But 2019?


“We get asked that question a lot”, Elisha chuckled. “I think it’s important for people to understand that we’ve been doing this since we were 17-18 years old. When we started, we made a promise to ourselves that we were always going to get bigger and bigger. The “Level Up” we call it; always being ready and prepared for opportunities.”


Elijah continued: 

“We worked our way up from parties, to block parties, to concerts, to fashion shows, to celebrity events, to building corporate business strategies and now festivals. On top of this we have several other businesses, subdivisions within the agency and we invest a lot of our time and opportunity into our youth. We’ve had a concert basically in every venue in Pittsburgh and some surrounding areas. That became standard to us. We like to challenge ourselves, and out due the last production. We have firm belief that we can’t make that happen by minimizing, but by maximizing from all aspects. It’s Levels; you either look back and idolize how far you came, or you keep climbing towards the future.”


Levels Agency considers the opportunities they receive as blessings. “When we first started, the information we have now wasn’t taught to us. We had to go out and learn it by ourselves; literally. Now it is our duty to teach it to our youth and continue Leveling up. We've been in the game for several years, but we're just beginning. Y'all haven't saw anything just yet..just wait”, explained Malcolm Moore. 


#ItsLevelsFest a name that took three months to come up with, is inspired by national concerts like Rolling Loud and Coachella. Levels Agency wanted to add a Pittsburgh twist as depicted in the logo with the “Pittsburgh Steel City bridge” and the black and gold effect. Levels also wanted to give local artists an opportunity to shine on the big stage; an opportunity that isn’t offered all the time. “This event is Pittsburgh,” said Mel Moore. “But keep in mind that the long-term goal is for this concert to become the next major festival. We are going to take this all over the world. This event is really going to shift the masses, it's going to diversify the concert experience here in Pittsburgh. July 13, we are planting the seed” he added. 


On July 13, 2019 Levels Agency is bringing in Quando Rondo to headline the #itsLevelsFest, a native of Savannah, Georgia. Quando Rondo who is signed with NBA Youngboy has several hit records and recently released an album that charted on the billboard. Pittsburgh artists Stunna 2 Fly, Reese Youngn, Flatline Nizzy, Jaii Loc, Smaccz, Hozay, Camp Yola, Tosh Thugette, Scrooge, Johnny Mase, Frank Lavish, Wexter and FEBE will all be performing throughout the event. On the 1s and 2s are DJ’s Girlquitplayin, T-Mac and Dogger. 


"Just like every other Levels Agency event this will be a night to remember. This will be a true production. We got a surprise for the people too” TQ said with a smirk. He glanced at me, then pulled out a flyer for Ann Marie. "Welp, I guess we will drop the announcement in this article," emphasized Mel. 


I couldn't stop myself from asking, when did this happen? When was she added!?

Simply put, the group replied "It's Levels Fest".


It's Levels Fest? 

TQ - "Yea, that's it. She's been added, there's a strategy behind everything we do. July 13 come out and have fun with us."


And there you have it. July 13, Quando Rondo and Ann Marie will be performing live at Nova Place (100 S Commons Pittsburgh, PA 15202) on the Northside. Levels Agency has been preparing for this concert since April and with less than 1 month away they are gearing up for what they feel may be their best production to date. For those interested in attending you still have time to purchase tickets. You can do so by visiting or by contacting 412-218-0437.


For all updates follow Levels on all social platforms.







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